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    Gameguard Updates
2011-03-11  06:50   Webmaster
Our gameguard has been updated to enhance the compatility for Windows7, Avast, and IE9 RC.

If you encounter any problems with Gameguard, please contact us at

Gold Box
EXP/Drop +50%
Holy Orb of Exp
EXP +30% / 1hour
Stone of rebirth
Redistribute stat points
95 Gunner   BAKI
95 Shadow   --SUN--
95 Attacker   Golden-Lion
95 Attacker   HaMikSu
91 Shadow   _Yakushi_
94 Rune   -Asuna-
94 Warrior   StyIe
92 Life   --Calvin--
95 Warrior   GUCCl
95 Sorceror   -Al1en--
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