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    one style
2013-06-27  06:12   Higor009
  mmorpgs 2013-06-27  07:04  
I guess it was party patroling map 5. Anyting wrong with it? They should choose one of them and watch how you fight? I don't know where is the problem.
  Higor009 2013-06-27  07:10  
it was Yolo and milo vs chris and dragonslayer next minute this happened LOL
  mmorpgs 2013-06-27  07:28  
Next time explain your screenshot =.=
  Higor009 2013-06-27  07:37  
heheheh sorry XP
  ZoONiK 2013-06-27  09:25  

You should tell the whole story.

  Higor009 2013-06-27  09:37  
LOL chris please what is the whole story?? It was me milo vs u and dragonslayer we lost. Then i log on Qie to help then u already bring 4 more people.
  Higor009 2013-06-27  09:44  
After Eric fart log on we have 5-6 people and u bring 1 full pt. Please let me know what is the whole story.

  Higor009 2013-06-27  09:56  
I dont blame you after all it is map5 pvp u can bring whoever you want. I have no shame in losing to 1 full pt
  miseeshot 2013-06-27  10:06  
plz dont cry yolo^^
  Higor009 2013-06-27  10:07  
  ZoONiK 2013-06-27  10:20  
Good boy YOLO ^^

then, can u tell who in my "full pt" ?
  Higor009 2013-06-27  10:23  
i Didnt take SS but you had at least 3-4 people more than us with 2 life 2 rune rest DD. Also our PT no chanter no priest lol..

  ZoONiK 2013-06-27  10:59  
I remember your party members : iFart, Qie, Eric, YOLO, Azmilo, CoNNor, DongLan.

You dont have active priest and chanter, but CharlieBrown is helping enchant when we fight at cadrea, PlayPriest is priest bot, right ?

If as u said, my party 3-4 people more than yours, my party must be 10 or over ?

If you forget, go ask your teamate, who else they see in my party. meanwhile, I think maybe you are to exciting during pvp, maybe make a mistake on counting.

  Higor009 2013-06-27  11:10  
LOL cant be serious i didnt even bother getting buff anymore walk in straight away whole pt no buff. You have 3-4 people that can debuff whole pt so what you are u trying to say?
  Higor009 2013-06-27  11:12  
u have 9 ~10 people near the end we figured no point continue as we dont even have active support. If you have 3 more people that makes it 10 people lol
  Higor009 2013-06-27  11:13  
I dont care if we lose just dont talk shit and say i dont tell the whole story.
  ZoONiK 2013-06-27  11:46  
Calm down boy~

As I said, maybe you are too exciting during pvp and make u count wrong.

My party : Soojung, Chris, Asuna, DragonSlayer, FallaNy, SweetDevil and Goyang-E (7 ppl)

Asuna and SweetDevil were join last when we move cadrea pvp, coz we saw your party already 7 ppl, so, i think u said the "full party" is this 7 ppl ?

I wonder you make the Title : ONE style ?

I dont wanna fight with u here, this is no meaning, right ?
So please calm down and enjoy the game.


  Higor009 2013-06-27  12:02  
Cya in war or bk or map5

  defdracker 2013-06-27  12:54  
make this more interesting, choose the top 10 human vs the 10 top the one or the 10 best MKS and start pvp.... make this fun xD , i hope mks or the one no scared :D

  kljdksf 2013-06-27  12:56  
I think no need talk to many....
This game just all relax play and enjoy...
me play war always die aslo happy to play ^^
  IBaneFuLL 2013-06-27  15:13  
Relax guys, i like play versus ONE, chris and soo jung make pvp good for all, i like play versus ONE =D
I think this should be the spirit of the game, have fun, and above opponents, we must respect the other class opponent, because without them there would be no good pvp's =D

and Chris, talk to SUN and sSSSSs dont kill me please... they really are very strong... hahaha

Good game to you, if we see in a next pvp =]


  keykeykeykey 2013-06-27  19:00  
chris gameplay is g@y..always quantity..not a quality :)
  ZoONiK 2013-06-27  23:12  
In case, Im enjoy to talk with well understanding ppl, its also funny part in game, game is for fun and enjoy with friends, respect to all who know respect =)


Msg will pass to SUN and SSSS, but hard to stop them coz that is their job XD Im just a noob healer follow them and stay behind ^^"

Let's sharing the fun =)
  sunsun 2013-06-28  10:19
Once again chicken shit style once losing start bring more member come.

11 people vs 10 at aquilla still lose then at hydra call soojung and become 12vs10.

What you want to say chris ?
  IBaneFuLL 2013-06-28  10:23  
Relaxxx bro iFart...

I know that unfortunately do not own many active players like them, but relax one day humans will return ...

I hope in the near future, and that GM makes some appeal to it

  sunsun 2013-06-28  10:30  
Ye i know, but the way they play just destryoing the fun of pvp. Why cant they just make 1 strong pt and pvp ?
  ZoONiK 2013-06-28  11:35  

First of all, if u want to talk, its my pleasure to talk, if u want to fight, I'm not interest to fight at forum.

1. Are you sure SweetDevil in my party ??? go ask you teamate to prove it.

2. My party original members: Zap, Sun, Acpocolyse, Homme, yellow, asuna, besteck, chris, nihil, Dominator. This party fighting your party at Diablo spot.

When we move to Aquila, your party coming , while we fight, Apocolyse suddenly need work and off at once, so, we called dr-kr come help. If u can notice. Apocolyse is suddenly disappear in the pvp while dr-kr join.

3. You can see Soojung at Hydra, but u didn't see Soojung at diablo or aguila. Coz before Dominator is play by soojung, and u didn't see Dominator at Hydra, coz soojung using his lifeoff at that time.

Btw.. when we fight in Hydra for last few mins, Apocolyse was finished his work and back, so he is not in party but he come help pvp. and that's all.

  miseeshot 2013-06-28  11:37  
haha so poor ifart^^
real kid mind
devil there? if u say dominator?
we are start 10ppl only
apo is sudden need work cant play change to dr kr life
and soojung is later change dominator out hydra last timing
why big mouth is all human side
ifart plz change big man you,re action is feel so real child
and plz dont cry here

  miseeshot 2013-06-28  11:45  
hi jolly~~~~
  sunsun 2013-06-28  11:50  
Well im wrong is not sweet devil but dominator but in the end is still 11 vs 10 and you call that fair play ? When i pvp with 1 pt i never call any other to help and you guys can say that you never bring more member to help ?
Also for the other photo i post that 13-14 akkans is not real ?
  sunsun 2013-06-28  11:53  
@ miseeshot
Ye we human all big mouth and your one guild is chickenshitbitch guild ?
  miseeshot 2013-06-28  12:00  
ya we are chick guild^^ plz make 10pt and kill me
ok? plz dont cry here thats you,re lose~~
  sunsun 2013-06-28  12:03  
Nah i never make more than 1 pt to kill 1 pt akkan, If you want real 1v1 pt . Bring your best mk pt and i bring my best human pt whoever lose delete ID you want ?
  miseeshot 2013-06-28  12:09  
u think i can belive human?
if u lose will id delete?
i saw long and many time human active
i belive is only my eyes and think
ifart if u want kill we guild make strong power first^^
u saw we guild if lose pvp make rumor and cry here?
why action is always child~~~~~~~~
plz change mind big man~~~
  adasva 2013-06-28  12:11  
Just looking at their member then you know how pathetic they is.
Example is Baki and Sun getting top fame by boom and call out Especially Baki.
  keykeykeykey 2013-06-28  12:13  
what can i say...chris,sun,baki is coward play..:D
  sunsun 2013-06-28  12:16  
I make rumour ? Your guild always bring more than 1 pt is not true ?
Im posting something is true and you say that im crying ?
You think human is not strong enough to kill your guild ?

Just come pvp 1v1 pt and if I lose I can record a video of me deleting ID for you if you dont believe it.
  miseeshot 2013-06-28  12:20  
ok i give up respect for you
and talk stop
meet only in row
good luck ifart
  adasva 2013-06-28  14:13  
He scare of losing to 1pt and then have to delete ID haha because they only win with more number
  phantome 2013-06-28  23:07  
lolz why want delete id just fight more and more make each race strong and fight that more fun. Delete id is no good and this game will gone ahahahahahahahah. Dont let some player quit and we all will see more pvp . this game for fun olz
  Bricol 2013-07-12  08:27  
Come on , if One is so noble as u all said , I dunno how to explain what happen on yesterday SW as human are having 3 pt , and mk have 2 pt , and mk rather to play g@y mode or stay in Camp (M1) as human still look for u all to kill ........

Come on , The style we mention about is not onli limited to One, but Smile also same ... always bring more ppl if they lose ...

Chris like to make story , at 1st , Chris say 'Charlie Brown help u enchant ; Play-Priest is bot ' . Then u dare to say , 'we bring more ppl becoz of seeing u pt get larger' ... Damn , u are shooting ur own feet by ur own .Stop making stupid story larr Chris as u onli know how to talk but dun think ...

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