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2013-06-29  11:58   ZoONiK
no comment
  sunsun 2013-06-29  12:07  
What does this pic mean ?
  wangaa 2013-06-29  12:11  
This isn't bk
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  12:13  
Ok, just let it be true you guys always meet smile randomly most of the time.
/screenshots/201362611425547-a.jpg Explains this photo then. Why bring 13-14 mks for 1 pt ? Also not the first time.
You still think you guys pvp fair ?
this is what u ask, 13-14 ppl pvp not fair ? then how many human here ?
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  12:17  
You guys are wasting my time to repeat and repeat, same like a primary school student keep asking why why why why why ???


do u means bk only can 1 pt, but pvp can bring more than 1 pt ?
btw who are u there ?
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  12:18  
any rules bk can only 1 pt ? any rules bk cant pvp same times ?
  wangaa 2013-06-29  13:07  
We are arguing about BK here, how is this picture in any way relevant to our topic of discussion?!

You said you don't ever make 2 pt for BK? How do you explain the few instances where we beat both your BK guild pt's with only 1 of ours? Bring 1 pt to BK from now on, so the "Fun" you mentioned won't be one sided...
  wangaa 2013-06-29  13:33  
Bring 1 pt to BK:
1) Fun pvp
2) Both nations have equal chances to fight for Boss items. FAIR

  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:13  
who are u wangaa, if u want talk to me, show me your name.

I dont like argue, but u are. Only idiot want argue thro the monitor.
Kid, your mind is mess up, pls show me when i said " dont ever make 2 pt for BK" ? prove it, if you cant, you just making rumor here and u should say apologize to me. Your words no make sense and mess up. I dont know how to talk with a nursery kid.

First of all, go thro what im talking with ifart here, dont make the topic go round and round never ending.
  sunsun 2013-06-29  14:15  
I cant remember exactly what happen in this pic, but it was around sw time if im not wrong a friend call me come cad pvp and i join the pt. I did not make or shout for member to make 2nd pt or anything.
This photo just seem like a pv gate pvp to me, weaker or not prepare people stay inside nothing special.
There is no such rule or anything but just try to be fair so can have more fun in pvp.
Just like eric said we are talking about BK pvp, But if you want to talk about pvp

remember this pvp ? what happens after you guys lose ? Do i need to explain what happen because i dont really want to.
  wangaa 2013-06-29  14:18  
I don't know what you just typed there...
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:20  
From your words, you are telling BK is mainly fight for boss item ?

But not for me. I go bk just help members making item and pvp, Im alway bad luck wont get good item and stop making item long time. most bk item free to guildmates only. Who care 1 or 2 pt for bk, i just follow my guildmates for fun where ever they go.
  wangaa 2013-06-29  14:24  
Yes, we go BK for items and pvp. You bring 2 pt to BK, human have no chance to win. We get no fusers. Fun for you, not fun for us.
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:25  

I remember this pvp.

That time.. my first time and only 1 time, i go help smile pvp pt. when i login at cad, smileA1 call me go help their party. so i just join them.

After 2 rounds fight, I think I cant good co-operation with them. maybe first time join them, i dont know their play style. so I quit the party, and I saw they are losing, I pm SmileA1 say sorry cant help them.
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:28  
after I quit the party, i asking in guild, Smile is losing need help. then some of my guildmates come cad making pt to help them.
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:29  
who is this wangaa, do u know what u are talking about ? u make the conversation mess up, pls just stop it , dont disturb ok ?
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:31  

If your friends pvp are losing, asking for your help, will u go ?
this is my situation at that moment. understand ?
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:34  
BK pvp or map5 pvp no different for me, its pvp anytime anywhere, I think I can understand you guys coz u think 1 bk pt 10 ppl are equal to get boss drop... over 1 pt some ppl cant get drops. so u think bk pt MUST 10 ppl ?
  sunsun 2013-06-29  14:35  
Nice explanation, so you think that is nice and fair way to pvp by bringing more people to kill 1 pt human ?
Idk about you guys but for human even if we lose we just try to replace member with stronger people instead of forming 1 more pt to make the pvp unbalance. Otherwise we give up the pvp.
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:39  
iFart, I think you are shizuka ^^?

my party fighting with 2 pt human many times and for years, when human active period. my part hunting map5. always fight until human come more and more, then finally we face to 2 pt.
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:41  
Maybe you still remember human active times, SW always making 4-5 parties while akkan got 2pt+ Meanwhile human always stay mk base attack ? Runes are hard to move out camp to go call towers, they just got killed outside camp, others akkan party already give up and prefer stay base play. But Soojung and me are always trying our best to bring out party leave camp and get towers. We’re many times fight with 3-4 parties human, but ONE members never complaint it here. Coz ONE guildmates are enjoy the team play even we lose
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:43  
You never see ONE shout : "report human map5" or " pvp need members come cad" never see ONE complaint here human over number, even in those hard time, we pick akkan play and we accept it, try our best and enjoy with our friends thats all.
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:46  
You guys now keep asking why mk over 1 pt come fight, this is no "why", for us, we never ask human why, we faced to it for years already ^^"
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:48  
Human now maybe not much active than before, but still got some strong players, and now I can see you are doing very good to leading human, dont be depress, just try your best.
  sunsun 2013-06-29  14:54  
So you're saying because in the past you have to fight 2 pt human so now you do the same back.
Now most of the time human lose sw and akkan is more does i complain about sw ? Because i know it is unbalanced all the time unless GM do something about it.

What's wrong with shouting to report enemy and pvp need member ?

In the end you think it is fun and fair ?
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  14:56  
I mean, ONE no ask help from other akkan, we play in silence, never want big mouth. Dont think in that way, pls think in positive.
  Regnarts 2013-06-29  15:00  
maybe now u dont need call for more mk now but time ago u did as well...human guilds now dont have many active or ppl or they log on different time so we form pvp pt at cad, all humans are welcome not only from 1 guild...therefore pvp also varies on teamwork quality cause have different way of play from different guilds.

Nvm... stronger side(with more active ppl) get the loot doesnt matter if fair or not, war is war.

  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  15:02  
I dont know how Titan guild running, But ONE will always want all members together join fun, who want join, all can come. This is not meaning "we doing same back to human" just now ONE more active members, we will want all can join all guild activities. Specially for pvp, its need more pvp to get experience, that will improve their pvp skill, will be well known teamate play style that is what we want.
  sunsun 2013-06-29  15:10  
So to improve pvp experience and skill for your guild you bring as much as people you can in guild to pvp with 1 pt ? LOL
  sunsun 2013-06-29  15:13  
If people play at human know that our guild never make more than 1 pt to pvp unless we know akkan have 2 pt.

All i only want is fair pvp not overnumber pvp and in bk is easy to do that by just making 1 pt.
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  15:18  
This is cant talk if you stubborn like this. It will better to terminate the conversation if you like to talk in this way. Im just respecting you then using long time to talk that i never try before here.
  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  15:21  
Is this funny to ask your other race.. hey, we now go bk, u guys only can come 1 pt, dont bring more !

Next time may i ask : this round my party got 1 lifeoff only, human pls dont come more than 1 sorc ?

Isn't it ?
  sunsun 2013-06-29  15:40  
"Next time may i ask : this round my party got 1 lifeoff only, human pls dont come more than 1 sorc ?"

What are you on about ? If you have only 1 life off or something it is your own problem, we human always lack of support aswell and it is our own problem. Back then we always no priest/chanter even if we lose we just give up never do the same like you guys.

Seriously stop making up excuses why you bring more than 1 pt, If you think the way you play is ok then just do it since i cant stop it.
But we will never pvp that way.
  Higor009 2013-06-29  17:14  
1st I don't know other bk I didn't see them
2nd we don't take more that 1pt
3rd human use to take more member so it's ok for akkan too now?? Lol
4th we pt more sometimes because got 1life
5 th we pt more to increase pvp experience

Through these comments you make all these excuses up it is so obvious and it keeps constantly changing. Like fart said whether or not you want to take 1pt to bk or not is up to you. No point arguing because clearly what you think you're doing at the moment is right and justifiable.
  miseeshot 2013-06-29  18:14  
omg very fair play human side~~~~
jolly real patience queen
why talk with small guys?
u think thats guys can understand this situation?

stop talk

human is will forget own side unfair play

ifart/hey 1ball sorc plz go mirror and see you,re face and active 2side brain
why only active 1side brain you action is real big comedy
maybe u know me good luck cheers you,re kid cry
  soldout45 2013-06-29  20:38  
please dont hide ur state , dare to show your forum name but sked to show state? is ain't as good human ? haha sad..can show see how good you are..
  Esmael 2013-06-29  21:34  

there was BTW cleric easy take control the LIFE...1 cleric JUMP 1st la got qq,nissan,fleta vs soojung,chirs

  Esmael 2013-06-29  21:40  
BTW here u guys talking about PVP out of member????? zzzzzzzzz

watch this movie

as long as u got teamwork u can play verry well la even ur enemy more member....well in sakaze video got 9KR vs 12++MK also 1 cleric vs 4 Life

pvp with less member and ur enemy got more member DOESNT MEAN U WILL LOSE !!!!
  IBaneFuLL 2013-06-29  21:56  
first time i agree marley...

relaxx guys... not is time to make forum fight, if u is more strong or not, if mk is better or no, one time win, other time lose...

is just a game, play for fun... i play only coz my friends, not to make top character...

why i go kill afk base, take more fame BAKI, and continue noob and not play together with my friends ? i'm happy ? lol i think no

this game is for play together with u friends, if u friend is strong or not...

just relaxx and be happy...

  ZoONiK 2013-06-29  23:44  
So hard to talk with stubborn, much harder than level up a lifeoff XD

However, I would like to tell you, I talked here is not for excuse, not for explaination, I'm just a player here same as you. When I saw u guys all days get mad and I just want show you this is same happen on both race, very normal, not big enough to complaint all days here.

Finally, I got my conclusion, they dont want to talk, forum just the place let them vented his anger, maybe I'm wrong to waste time to talk, but at least I'd try, this is my style =)

I will quit here, forum not my game.
  sunsun 2013-06-30  03:56  
Im free to reply as long as you still bring up more stuffs and i dont know about other player in the past but i will never use this kind of way to pvp.
Just imagen you have to fight with more than 1 pt most of the time, do you think you will like it or hate it ? Then why do you have to do it.
In the end all i only want to say is try to be fair in pvp like this so everyone can have fun.
  soldout45 2013-06-30  04:02  
please dont hide ur state , dare to show your forum name but sked to show state? is ain't as good human ? haha sad..can show see how good you are..
  soldout45 2013-06-30  04:05  
please dont hide ur state , dare to show your forum name but sked to show state? is ain't as good human ? haha sad..can show see how good you are..
  soldout45 2013-06-30  04:05  
please dont hide ur state , dare to show your forum name but sked to show state? is ain't as good human ? haha sad..can show see how good you are..

x4 pls answer
  keykeykeykey 2013-06-30  07:59  
marley so funny..always talk bout a old time..old time mk all noob..sakaze sword good..2 skill also dead..of course can win easy..stupid marley..
  keykeykeykey 2013-06-30  08:04  
noob can lvling pt win pvp pt..? pvp pt full poted + buff..retard marley..
  keykeykeykey 2013-06-30  08:07  
we are talking bout pvp pt vs pvp pt..u noob marley..go die la better..or i kick ur bigmouth..
  Higor009 2013-06-30  08:11  
@ Esmael

Marley thatis an old video everyone is a lot tougher than before. Human when go bk sometimes 1pt need to vs 2~3pt. Having 1~3pt more than humans is nearly impossible to bk.
  soldout45 2013-06-30  08:21  
@ aunty Chris

please dont hide ur state , dare to show your forum name but sked to show state? is ain't as good human ? haha sad..can show see how good you are..

x5 pls answer
  Esmael 2013-07-01  08:12  
lol u play only with UR item??????? WTF even u got GODLIKE item but u cant play wel with ur TEAM = ur nothing !!!!

in this game u cant play SOLO coz u need play with ur team and make good stupid
  soldout45 2013-07-02  07:32  
aunty won't reply me :(
  zirul94 2013-07-02  17:00  
Why dont human make more then 1pt like mk does? If human make bk pt more then 1 pt,so the problem should has been settle aite? More people more fun :-)
  adindaback   2013-07-14  08:56  
ckckckck... (lmao) lucky... ckckck~ old ex-human vs nowed human.. ckckckck..

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