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2014-10-30  06:37   Webmaster
ROW has been patched on Oct 30, 2014.

Halloween Event!

  • Event Period
    - October 30 - November 6, 2014

  • Halloween Daily Quests
    - Daily Quests can only be completed once a day.

    - Find HALLOWEEN letters! (Bremer in Aldia Harbor, and Tureti in Opeany)
    - No More Trick or Treat (Adiri in Pirate Town)
    - OPS Smash Enemy's Statue (Enar for akkans, and Tenor for humans in Battle Ground)

    Hunt monsters to get HALLOWEEN letters!

  • Lost Pumpkin Collection
    - Adiri in Pirate Town lost her pumpkin rings and necklaces in her field of pumpkins.
    - Use the 'Basic Gathering' skill to pick pumpkins to find Adiri's collection.
    - Pumpkin rings and necklaces will lose their power when the event ends.

  • Boost Event
    - 50% boost of experience points and drop rates during the event except statue war times

    The following items can be obtained from this event:
    Various Hallowed Pumpkins, Hallowed Lanterns, Halloweed Orbs, Halloweed Tickets, Blacksmith's Insurance, Costume Helms and Masks.

  • More Medals!
    - All statues in high level Battleground have been replaced with Statues of Honor for the event.

  • Blessed Blacksmiths
    - The success rate of upgrading will be increased by 30% during the event period.

    Gold Box
    EXP/Drop +50%
    Holy Orb of Exp
    EXP +30% / 1hour
    Stone of rebirth
    Redistribute stat points
    95 Gunner   BAKI
    95 Shadow   --SUN--
    95 Attacker   Golden-Lion
    95 Attacker   HaMikSu
    91 Shadow   _Yakushi_
    94 Rune   -Asuna-
    94 Warrior   StyIe
    92 Life   --Calvin--
    95 Warrior   GUCCl
    95 Sorceror   -Al1en--
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