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Warriors are the most physically dangerous of all the Human classes. Like the Ak'kan Attacker, Human Warriors are fast, accurate, and deadly, and appear to have no upper limit to their ability. Warriors are the best damage dealers in the game, for their ability to learn Dual Wield Mastery allows them to wield two weapons at a time.

However, they pay a price for this power. Warriors cannot bear defenses more powerful than a Buckler. Their HP will always be low, and they must always remain vigilant against opposing magic users because of their inability to carry a shield.

STR Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, MP Max Value,Defense, Speed, Magic Resistance
CON HP Max Value, HP Recovery

Defenders are the protectors of the Human nations. They believe that the best offense is a good defense, and so they have the highest HP of all Human classes. They can also receive extra HP and defense from carrying strong shields. They gain STR and CON stats equally over time, so they can defend themselves against surprise attacks, and they deal mighty offensive blows as well.

This resilience comes at a price, however: they are generally slower and less accurate than the Warrior, and the emphasis they place on defense, the weaker their attacks.

STR Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, MP Max Value, MP Recovery, Magic Resistance
CON Defense, HP Max Value, HP Recovery

Gold Box
EXP/Drop +50%
Holy Orb of Exp
EXP +30% / 1hour
Stone of rebirth
Redistribute stat points
95 Gunner   BAKI
95 Shadow   --SUN--
95 Attacker   Golden-Lion
95 Attacker   HaMikSu
91 Shadow   _Yakushi_
94 Rune   -Asuna-
94 Warrior   StyIe
92 Life   --Calvin--
95 Warrior   GUCCl
95 Sorceror   -Al1en--
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