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Rune Officiators rely on powerful elemental spells in combat, generally preferring to work their magic from afar. Some choose to focus on close combat by increasing their DEX, but the most effective Rune Officiators rain destruction on their enemies via magic.

Rune Officiators do gain some survival benefits from increased DEX, but they must choose between these benefits and the most powerful spells available to their kind.

DEX Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, HP Max Value, HP Recovery
INT MP Max Value, MP Recovery, Magic Power, Magic Resistance

Taken alone, Life Officiators may seem weak, but when paired with another Officiator or Ak'Kan warrior, they become fearsome indeed. They return life to their allies and can immobilize enemies, allowing their allies to crush their foes with ease.

Life Officiators can increase their life expectancy by increasing their DEX, thus causing Defense, HP Max Value, and HP recovery to rise. Like Human Clerics or Priests, the Life Officiators' WIS grants bonuses in their powerful skills, and their DEX gives them physical attack defense bonuses.

DEX Damage, Accuracy, Defense, HP Max Value, HP Recovery, Evasion
WIS MP Max Value, MP Recovery, Magic Power, Magic Resistance

The Shadow Officiator are the assassins of the Ak'Kan - silent, deadly, and blindingly fast. They have excellent offensive powers in close range combat, and are at their best when attacking from a position of stealth.

Like the Gunner, they must be wary of traps - when they are immobilized, Shadow Officiators are especially vulnerable. A Shadow Officiator must choose between STR and DEX: A high STR increases her devastating damage, while DEX-based Shadow Officiators are fast, more skilled survivors.

STR Damage, HP Max Value, HP Recovery, MP Max Value, MP Recovery, Magic Resistance
DEX Accuracy, Evasion, Speed

Gold Box
EXP/Drop +50%
Holy Orb of Exp
EXP +30% / 1hour
Stone of rebirth
Redistribute stat points
95 Gunner   BAKI
95 Shadow   --SUN--
95 Attacker   Golden-Lion
95 Attacker   HaMikSu
91 Shadow   _Yakushi_
94 Rune   -Asuna-
94 Warrior   StyIe
92 Life   --Calvin--
95 Warrior   GUCCl
95 Sorceror   -Al1en--
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